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  • BlakeDragon Server just went down so what do you do now check out our web page help me make it better for you and our guild
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    07/23/2011 01:02 AM
  • BlakeDragon Please donate for our Ventrilo asap thanks.
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  • BlakeDragon Need to get on top of getting donations guys. Start today so we don't get left behind thanks.
    01/11/2011 04:07 AM
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    10/11/2010 05:49 AM
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  • BlakeDragon dkp page is down and vent will be down if we don't get some donations soon please help out as much as you can afford thanks
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Rebirth of the Slayers

Rebirth of the Slayers is a guild started from the group Slayers of the night.

Slayers is aimed at those who have a real life; Who want to experience all the content WoW has to offer without sacrificing their jobs and families. We are looking for mature, adult based players. We are looking for players who are just wanting to play, run heroics, raids, instances, and mess with horde. We do not want children/teens who beg for runs or gold, or argue in chat channels.

Most of our members typically start gaming between 7-8 ST. Its aimed at those who want to, more than anything else, be part of a community.

It doesn't matter whether you have played WoW for 2 weeks or 2 years; just that you contribute, treat others with respect and, above all, want to enjoy the ride.

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Guild Rules you must follow and take to heart.
12/21/2009 05:13 PM by BlakeDragon

These are the rules of Rebirth of the Slayers. These rules are subject to change and all rules and policies are voted on by the officers which make up the guild management team. These rules must be followed by all whether you are an initiate in the probationary stage or the GM. Rules apply to all here and every attempt for things to be fair and equal are carried out to the best of our ability.

That being said the rules are as follows:

1. Respect your fellow guild mates, and raid as if you are raiding with your friends and not others who will be rolling against you, Slayer is not about loot. No conversations that involve race, religion, or politics will be permitted in Guild Chat, Vent, TS, Raid, or Party Chat at anytime.

2. No begging in Guild Chat. If you would like to borrow something do it in a whisper or talk to an officer.

3. You may have as many alts in the guild if your main is at Member or higher, if you are a "Member" You are allowed only one character in the guild at any time. Until your Main Toon has ranked to level 80. If you are an officer and leave the guild with an Alt to join another guild you will be striped of rank. If you are a member and found of doing this you will be kicked. No exceptions. This relates to loyalty to me and you fellow members.

4. You must be registered on the website. Everything you will ever need to know about the guild will be there and it is the easiest way of communicating to the entire guild. The website is the back bone of any guild. All information about our guild will be found there. You must register with your toon name on the website and you must register and log onto Vent/TS with your toon name.

5.Any change to guild policy that’s was previously voted on must be agreed upon with a 3/4ths majority by officers to go into effect.

6.You must be on vent to be able to attend the raid

7.Any issue voted on by officers must pass in a way that any officers that was not present for the vote could not overturn the issue had they been present for the vote.

8.Invites for raids go out a half hour before the first pull. If you are 10 minutes late from the time of start you will be replaced. Raid start time will be at 7:30 server time meaning invites go out at 7:15 raid end time is at the discretion of the officers it will usually be between 11-12 server time but is subject to change.

9.It is your job to be prepared to raid you should have with you plenty of potions, reagents, bandages, food for your pet or anything else that is needed to raid this includes armor being fully repaired and you waiting at the instance.

10.You are not allowed to attend other guilds raid unless you have permission from an officer.

11.Excessive raid disruption will NOT be tolerated. Yes, we like to have fun, joke around, etc. But at some point it becomes too much and begins to disrupt the raid. At that point, a officer will whisper you, asking you to stop. There will only be one warning given. If it continues, you will be removed from the raid and replaced by someone who is focused on the task at hand.

12.While raiding afk'ing is sometimes unavoidable if you are going to go afk its your responsibility to whisper a officer. if you are going to go afk for longer than 10 minutes you will be removed from the raid.

13.No displaying the damage meter in any form but in a whisper while a raid is going on or in guild chat.

14.If you are going to be late or unable to make the raid you was assigned to contact the person leading the group via in game mail.

15. If you are to make a Drama scene, please do it in a whisper to an officer - if there is a problem, they will be the ones to resolve it, or I will.

These rules are meant to enhance our guild and raid experience. The Rules are for EVERYONE and they benefit the guild as a whole. There are other people in a raid group. If you are unprepared or disruptive, you are affecting not just yourself, but the other people in the raid group as well. I consider it disrespectful of others, and it won’t be tolerated. We have a lot of fun here and want to continue to do such while being a destructive force through end game these rules are meant to assist us with them goals.

Guild meeting
Progression as a guild
Everyone is to try to do weekly with guild. Only pug if need be, same for toc and icc raids. Any other older raids are open to your own call.

Guild attendance
It's your duty as a guild member to add notes to your main and alt. Futher you should be sure if your going to be away more than 30 days to let officers know and put a note on all your toon.
We have over 200 members in the guild why is there only a attendace of only on average of maybe 15-20 members on per day. We need to adresses this matter asap. I don't want to be the bad guy that kicks you out because you don't play that much. that's why we have a casual members section.


If it is brought to my attention that any member pugs with out my or a officers consent will be warn on the first time. The Second time you will not be able to run a raid with guild for the week. The Third you will be demoted. The last resort 4th you will have a meeting with guild officers Lt generals and my self. If all else fails you will be subject for removal from the guild. There will not be any second chances. This is fair since we are a high populated guild and should hold our own.

5 mans try to do guild run as much as possible to help guildies find gear. We are doing a great job with this


New recruits as of today will be a 12 day preview of our guild and this will be there own call to shine and let the officers and myself know they are ready for progression. You will not be premoted due to friendship or you have better gear and know fights. Read above if your confused.
Note if your account is hacked as a safety net you will be demoted to new until you have cleared up your account.
All guildies should go to online store and purchase an authenicator for safety of guild purpose.

Casual players

This says it all, these players don't play often and enjoy the guild and when and if ready to move up to a progression level they may with a officer generals approval.

All other ranks will stay the same other than guild officer which will now be officer of premotion:
Thus will be granted officer level but can be demoted for insobranation of lacking leadership quilties

Lt generals are those who have stepped up possesing the skill and know how, williness of the protection of the guild when I am not on at such time. Further they have powers to demote and premote, and kick anyone out of the guild ( if you disrespect anyone with this authiorty you can be subject to any justified measures of the Lt Generals descion).

Our guild is built on leadership and trust. You will need to learn the following rules:

No disrespect to any one toon.

Help anyone if they need it. We all are real people behind the key board

No foul language in guild chat or public trade chat. No begging for gold in or out of guild. This can be subject of removal from guild charter and lose of dkp

Vent rules

If you have the need to argue like children or use foul language do so in another room I am not your momma nor your school princapal.
No demeaning of any kind.
All kidding and playing is ok at certian times while in raid, or runs but think before you speak and know when enough is enough.

1st violation a written or verbal warning

2nd violation of rules broken will be demotion in guild, or no raid time for one week.

3rd violation you will have a meeting with lt generals and myself.

4th violation will be subject of removal from guild.

For those who are new and have been in the guild: it is your responsablity to gear, chant, and gem correctly. Officers are here to help the best we can. But in order to start 10/25 toc or icc you will need to work on your readiness.
You must be wearing pve gear not and I mean not pvp gear. This will not change so don't ask.

Don't be afraid to ask any questions we are here. We are laid back as you should be. Be loyal graceful and leadership qualities

For the following 2 weeks everyone that are wanting to progress will be groupped up in 10 man groups. It is each groups responsibility to help your group prgression. If you need help due to a no shows, or lack of we can let you know to pug or grab another guildie.

Every week we will do weekly as a guild if there is lack of we will inform you on what to do

Raids will subject to change on days of avlabily of groups, time of online play.


This is awarded from calendar events 10/25 man icc only

10 man icc
You will get 10 points for being on time even if your a stand by.
Another 5 points if you stay the entire time on 10 mans

25 man you will get 25 points for showing up on time and another 10 for staying till end or called. You will get 15 points for every boss down.

Regular rolls apply for now unless your average raid time on web is at or above 70% attendence or higher may use dkp rolls only on 25 man raids. Use this on your best judgement once your points are gone your back on regular roll. So if you feel left out on this you should start to step it up. These rules may subject to change to make every guild members progression possible.
Exeample if you have 1250 dkp you can use it all so it will look like /roll 1-1250. Or if you want to use just a portion you may
Exeample I have 2250 dkp bit all I want to use is 250 so my raid roll will be /roll 1-250 this will leave myself 2000 dkp still left in bank for use on a later time. For mor info please goto web

Thank you all for choosing rebirtoftheslayers
Remember to sign up on web to be listed and receive dkp

If you have any questions or comments please speak to any officer, lt general or myself.

Another side note we are looking for solid raid heals and solid tanks

Thank you all again and go out there and have fun

Sblakedragon - guild master and general of rebirthoftheslayers

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